[Spambayes] training

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Feb 19 22:05:44 EST 2003

> Which, coincidently, leads us to what I have been advocating 
> for some time <wink>.


> The core spambayes code should persist 
> the word database as now, but also a basic "message 
> database".

Do you mean one like pop3proxy's cache?  i.e. one that expires messages over a certain age?

> If we can get these abstractions into Corpus.py 
> (and probably removing the factories), then Outlook could 
> reuse all this code.

That would be nice - and nicer still if anyone else decides to write a plugin for some other client.

> If this sounds OK, I've a further idea I will expand in email :)

Go on, expand ;)

=Tony Meyer

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