[Spambayes] OUCH!

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Feb 19 10:01:44 EST 2003

[David LeBlanc]
> I guess there's a first time for everything. In using 3 different
> versions of Outlook, this is the first time I've ever seen it pop up
> an "illegal operation - program terminating" dialog! OL died very fast
> after the "ok" button was pressed too.

I've seen it under Outlook 2000 ever since I started using it, but it's
indeed rare.  It has seemed to me to be correlated with other programs
accessing the network at the same time OL is trying to connect to a server.

> It took a LONG time to rebuild it's indices or whatever it is that
> Outlook does when it's restarted after an abrupt shutdown.

That part's a mystery too.  If you run scanpst.exe ("Inbox Repair Tool") on
your PST file(s) after such a crash, you'll find that OL *still* takes
forever to start up again, but scanpst should have rebuilt the indices (if

> Spammie came back though, so OL probably didn't think it was Spammie's
> fault (I guess).
> Alas, there where no discernable logs I could find to figure out what
> went *splat*.

Nope, there never are.

> The only thing that has changed in a long time is the addition of
> spammie...

Impossible to guess, but for me it's happened with OL2K both before and
after installing the plugin.  I haven't noticed any increase or decrease in
OL problems.

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