[Spambayes] Other pop3proxy options

Zander zander at zan.com
Wed Feb 19 10:46:07 EST 2003

I would like to extend the options for how disposition is identified by the pop3proxy implementation.  In particular, I would like the option of

A. X-Spambayes-Classification: <disposition>  as now
B. To: XXXXX <disposition> as is in CVS now
C. Subject line munging to append <disposition>

Is there any reason that was not included? (beside the obvious potential for a spammer to slip in a workaround)  I use Outlook Express, and obviously can't use the arbitrary header technique - and am most interested in adding a [***SPAM***] header so that I can correctly bucketize those messages - but leave [***UNSURE***] in my primary box, and not molest ham messages at all.

Is there any reason not to do this?  Would you accept it if I did?  Is there any reason why you aren't using the email module Parser API to crack the headers?  I have found a certain number of messages are not parsed correctly by the re that you are using.  They show up as From: (none) Subj: (none) in the UI - but I haven't determined why just yet (though I can see that some part of the message is getting stuck with the header by your re.split(r'\n\r?\n', messageText, 1) expression.

- Z

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