[Spambayes] training

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Feb 20 12:09:25 EST 2003

> We really should make every effort to make the non-OL2K side 
> of spambayes mailer agnostic.

> I'm a bit stumped here, too... still thinkin hard, maybe some 
> kind of fuzzy matching?  <wink>  Let's get creative, think
> outside the box, yadda yadda... - 
What about a separate (from the mailer) application that floats in a window (menubar, ...) somewhere.  When you come across an incorrectly trained message, you click the "incorrectly trained" button in the window, and it figures out what message you are currently reading* and retrains it.

* Ok, so this step is pretty hard.  It could always take a screenshot, run it through OCR, and work with that ;)

> Tony, don't spend a whole lot of time making the smtpproxy work in a 
> production manner.
I don't have *that* much time :)

> It'll be a good research tool, but it can't share database 
> with the pop3proxy, and so training will be moot.
Mark's database abstraction would help here, yes?

=Tony Meyer

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