[Spambayes] training

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com
Thu Feb 20 09:29:22 EST 2003

From: Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions
> I'm a bit stumped here, too... still thinkin hard,
> maybe some kind of fuzzy matching?  <wink>  Let's
> get creative, think outside the box, yadda yadda... - 

I'm convinced this is a bad idea, but I'll throw it in
anyway, just in case it sparks better ones:

Munge the reply-to address on spam to dump it into the
training bucket. Then, the user just replies to the
message to train on it.

Reasons it won't work:

1. You don't want to encourage people to hit "Reply"
   on spam.
2. You can't munge ham like this, and you've just
   destroyed useful info in a FP.
3. You still need a way to get the original message
   (you could do this by using an address of
   spam+<ID>@localhost and trapping all addresses of
   this form).

As I say, maybe there are some useful points somewhere
in this bad idea...


PS Tim, your mailer quotes long source lines *really*
   badly, making your replies very hard to read
   sometimes. Is this something you can change?

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