[Spambayes] training WAS: aging information

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com
Thu Feb 20 09:42:23 EST 2003

From: Tim Peters [mailto:tim.one at comcast.net]
> I get a few (2 to 10) Unsures each day, but they're
> generally so unusual I don't bother to train on them.

This made me think for a moment "how can I *not* train
on unsures in Outlook?"

In retrospect, it's easy - just read them (or not) in
place and then delete or file (in a folder not marked
as "certain ham"). But the Outlook plugin has ingrained
me with the idea that you see spam anywhere other than
the spam folder, and you hit the "delete as spam"

The subliminal message will probably hit non-expert users,
too, so maybe it would be useful in rewording the text on
the button to emphasise the "train" aspect rather than the
"get rid of" aspect. Otherwise, I can imagine the average
user training on all unsures and FNs ad infinitum. This
will both increase the impression that maintenance is a
chore, and increase the spam:ham imbalance in the training
database over time.

Frankly, it never occurred to me to train for a bit and
then just *stop*.


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