[Spambayes] Other pop3proxy options

Terrel Shumway tshumway at jdiworks.net
Thu Feb 20 13:52:42 EST 2003

On Wednesday 19 February 2003 16:08, Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions 

> We're getting very close to requiring a full blown mail client, not just a
> proxy.  Perhaps the solution to many problems is to provide a spambayes
> mailer, with training, retraining, etc. etc. all built in, and provide the
> proxy with necessarily limited function for those who don't wish to use the
> spambayes mailer.  This thought is daunting, but it really is the easiest
> from a useability standpoint.  - TimS

I have not read this thread very closely yet, but I thought I would chime in.

I am working on a complete mail server suite written in python. The pop3 
server is working with a maildir backing store. The pop3 client "works" for 
now, using poplib.py, but I will soon have an async version that supports 
pipelining etc.  The smtp currently listener works for basic delivery, but 
some fancy configuration stuff still needs to be worked out.  It is all 
designed to be runnable as a single process with async listeners and 
http-based configuration -- click and run.

Now I ask: could this help solve the problems you are discussing? It could be 
used to make a smarter proxy that uses an intermediate store rather than an 
online connection to an upstream server. 

(Now I will go back and catch up on the discussion)

-- Terrel

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