[Spambayes] stand-alone Outlook addin pre-pre-alpha

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Feb 21 14:30:44 EST 2003

I have put a stand-alone (via McMillan's Installer) setup program (via Inno
setup) for the Outlook Plugin at

I won't rehash what I have already put there, but what I didn't say there:
* It is far from perfect, but I am running out of time to play on this any
more and wanted to get it out.  The new "Outlook2000/installer" directory,
the McMillan Installer version on my starship page, and the free Inno Setup
are all that is needed to recreate this binary.

* This is built on Python 2.3a2 (ish) and comes with bsddb.  You existing
pickles will *not* be located and used.  Thus, if you use pickles now, you
will need to retrain.  If you currently use bsddb files for the database,
these should continue to work with the binary.  (Note I am happy to receive
patches to convert a pickle to a bsddb via dbmExport, but as I no longer use
pickles, I no longer care <wink>)

* You still see trace output messages as you do now - generally via
Pythonwin.  This will be particularly important if it doesn't work :)

* If you use any other Python Outlook plugin, this will not work.  However,
I know of only 2 such addins - the sample one with win32all (which can be
unregistered) and the one I use here personally to trap all the virus crap I
get!  So this should not be a problem.

* I have to be honest - I haven't used this binary for long.  It starts and
seems to work OK, and all functions work.  As I use a Python extension to
strip the amazing number of virus email I get, I can't use the binary for
too long before the other shit pours in again <frown>.

Please let us know how you go.  Please don't give it to your sister just yet
though <wink>



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