[Spambayes] training WAS: aging information

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com
Fri Feb 21 09:32:40 EST 2003

From: Mark Hammond [mailto:mhammond at skippinet.com.au]
>> The subliminal message will probably hit non-expert users,
>> too, so maybe it would be useful in rewording the text on
>> the button to emphasise the "train" aspect rather than the
>> "get rid of" aspect. Otherwise, I can imagine the average
>> user training on all unsures and FNs ad infinitum. This
>> will both increase the impression that maintenance is a
>> chore, and increase the spam:ham imbalance in the training
>> database over time.

> Do you have a specific suggestion here?  "Delete and Train
> as Spam" looks way too big, at least for a top-level toolbar
> item.

Sadly, no. The best I can think of is "Train as Spam". (Or maybe
the non-techie version, "Mark as Spam") After all, the button
*doesn't* delete the message - it moves it to the spam folder,
yes, but it doesn't delete it.

> We could create a new top-level "Spam Status" Window that shows
> the progress of SpamBayes (with this window obviously being
> able to be closed by the user).

That would be nice, but it's certainly not essential...

> By default, these toolbar items could perform the operation
> and make the window visible.

I don't like this. The buttons do their job nice and unobtrusively
right now, lets not clutter things with extra windows popping up.


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