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Fri Feb 21 17:20:49 EST 2003

2/21/2003 5:14:24 PM, "Meyer, Tony" <T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz> wrote:

>> >The following client/methods will forward all headers:
>> >M2 (Opera Mailer) Redirect
>> Which version of Opera?  My version (6.05) does not preserve 
>> headers on a redirect.
>I should have been more specific :)  7.01.  I should clarifiy what I said, 
too.  When I said forward all headers, this *might* mean that the headers are 
forwarded in the message body, not necessarily forwarded in the headers of the 
redirected/forwarded mail.

Yeah, ok... As long as the header we need is included *somewhere* we're ok.  I 
haven't upgraded yet.  Anybody know what the 'spam filter' is in the mailer?  
It doesn't appear to be bayesian...

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