[Spambayes] spambayes/msgs.py used?

T. Alexander Popiel popiel at wolfskeep.com
Wed Feb 26 10:06:36 EST 2003

In message:  <LCEPIIGDJPKCOIHOBJEPGELAOCAA.mhammond at skippinet.com.au>
             "Mark Hammond" <mhammond at skippinet.com.au> writes:
>While working out how to tackle my message-database, I bumped into msgs.py.
>As far as I can see, it is completely unused.  The revision history just
>lists checkins by Anthony Baxter as part of larger checkins, and indicates
>that the file was created on the reorg-branch branch.
>No .py file in the project appears to import this module - does anyone know
>its status and/or its history?

It's used in the testing tools such as timcv.py.  It probably
ought to be moved into the testtools tree.

- Alex

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