[Spambayes] RE: Outlook Plugin Installer Comments

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Feb 27 09:19:08 EST 2003

> * I get a *lot* of "warning: use func(*args, **kwargs) instead of
> apply(func, args, kwargs)" comments in the trace.  Only a
> warning, so everything still works, but it fills the trace up.

Me too.  I believe that will be an apply() inside the McMillan Installer,
combined with a "feature" I added to the 2.3 alpha causing these errors to
get spewed when they shouldn't (thanks Just!)

> * I can now see the plugin in Outlook's
> Options->Other->Advanced->COM Addins preferences.  I think this
> is still listed as a bug/feature request, so it can be removed if so.

Cool - I didn't notice that :)

I'll check out the others too.

> * I'm now using db instead of a pickle, and it works fine (and
> *much* quicker).  I presume this is because the installed version
> was built with Python 2.3.


> What does this mean for the bug that
> currently causes problems for those of us with 2.2?

What bug is that?

> (How soon is 2.3 due out?).

An alpha is out today, and basically what I built the installer with.  I
intend doing a new win32all, including a "proper" 2.3 version, very soon.


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