[Spambayes] Storing Options [was Outlook feature request]

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Feb 27 11:21:37 EST 2003

> >* It certainly would be nice if all the non-core stuff (like 
> [pop3proxy]) was 
> not in the main options, so that those systems that didn't 
> use it didn't have 
> to load it.
> I see no use for a pickle here.  Why keep an ini file and a 
> pickle in sync?  
> Just use the ini file as the persistence.  ConfigParser does 
> this now anyway.
I meant that it would be nice to separate the core spambayes options from the implementation specific (hammie, pop3proxy, ui, Outlook) ones.  These could be kept in a separate ini file (or pickle, whichever you like).  But still -1 for the reasons outlined.

> Breaking existing systems isn't bad if we fix them... <wink>
:)  If it comes to it, I must remember you are the one to commit the changes so that people scream at you when the bit we missed breaks ;)

[New update ini function]
> This sounds good to me.  I wonder if the Options file is 
> really what we need to carry forward, though.
> A simple ini file is really more useful and 
> maintainable (imo), and the options module could easily be 
> modified to support the same syntax that it supports now,
> but read from an ini file.  The syntax 
> is the only value that it adds now anyway, and that's what should be 
> preserved.

Well, the options module is pretty much a module with an embedded ini file, isn't it?  I presume that back when things started there was a reason to have all the defaults in a module rather than provide a default ini (but I can't be bothered looking through the list history).  Why do you think that an ini would be more maintainable?

=Tony Meyer

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