[Spambayes] RE: Outlook Plugin Installer Comments

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Feb 27 11:37:46 EST 2003

> > What does this mean for the bug that
> > currently causes problems for those of us with 2.2?
> What bug is that?

Ack.  I was sure that one was submitted, but I can't see it there (sorry).  It was discussed in the list (by me, mid Feb under "Outlook Plugin crashing Outlook", and a bit later by Gabriel Mino under "Outlook plugin").

Basically, I have bsddb3 (4.1.3), and so manager.py decides to use it.  This crashes Outlook (not the plugin) in a major way.  Changing back to the pickle fixes things.

> > (How soon is 2.3 due out?).
> An alpha is out today, and basically what I built the 
> installer with.  I
> intend doing a new win32all, including a "proper" 2.3 
> version, very soon.
Cool - I guess I'll update to that so that I can use the db rather than pickle then.  I don't close Outlook down very often, but the speediness is nice.

=Tony Meyer

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