[Spambayes] Storing Options [was Outlook feature request]

Terrel Shumway tshumway at jdiworks.net
Wed Feb 26 14:54:28 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 14:36, Mark Hammond wrote:
> I'm a little confused :)
> First, a little history: when I picked up spambayes, it indirectly used the
> Python ConfigParser module for options.  This module handles "ini files on
> steriods", and is quite nice - except that the module does not support
> *writing* to the file.
> For the Outlook plugin, I needed to persist a number of new options that
> were being configured in the GUI - such as the list of folders to watch and
> filter to.  However, I could see no reasonable way to *write* a config file,
> while still maintaining the INI-like file as the user intends - ie, with
> comments, etc.

What happened to WritePrivateProfileString() ?

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