[Spambayes] Storing Options [was Outlook feature request]

Terrel Shumway tshumway at jdiworks.net
Wed Feb 26 15:27:11 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 15:01, Mark Hammond wrote:
> > What happened to WritePrivateProfileString() ?
> 1) Windows only
Outlook plugin is also windows-only. (Unless I missed something. I
understand M$ is porting Exchange Server to BSD (MacOS X))

> 2) A Config file is really an INI file on steriods.  From what I can see,
> data valid in an INI file is only a subset of what OptionParser can handle.

extra features:
  1) use rfc822 style "key: value" lines with " continuation lines"
  2) automagic interpolation of %(value)s 

Although the text in the docs 

	"name=value" is also accepted

seems to even disparage the "INI-compatibility", it seems that
WritePrivateProfileString is not going to add anything that ConfigParser
cannot handle. If we do use the rfc822 syntax in the file, there may be
problems, but the name of the file "bayescustomize.ini" is a clear
signal about the format.  Anyone who bothers with the detail that
spambayes currently happens to use ConfigParser to read it, and then
actually adds rfc822 syntax is really asking for trouble anyway.

-- Terrel

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