[Spambayes] spambayes question

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Feb 27 21:14:21 EST 2003

    bill> $ rm .hammiedb

    bill> $ spambayes/mboxtrain.py -d /var/spool/mail/bill -s /home/bill/mail/spam
    bill> Traceback (most recent call last):
    bill>   File "spambayes/mboxtrain.py", line 278, in ?
    bill>     main()
    bill>   File "spambayes/mboxtrain.py", line 261, in main
    bill>     h = hammie.open(pck, usedb, "c")
    bill>   File "./spambayes/hammie.py", line 260, in open
    bill>     spambayes.hammiebulk.main()
    bill>   File "./spambayes/storage.py", line 140, in __init__
    bill>   File "./spambayes/storage.py", line 148, in load
    bill>   File "./spambayes/dbmstorage.py", line 54, in open
    bill>   File "./spambayes/dbmstorage.py", line 36, in open_best
    bill>   File "./spambayes/dbmstorage.py", line 17, in open_dbhash
    bill> bsddb.error: (22, 'Invalid argument')

Something tells me it wasn't trying to open .hammiedb.  You generally get an
'invalid argument' error when the file being opened already exists and was
created with something other than the relevant bsddb call.

In dbmstorage.py, try changing line 17 from

    return bsddb.hashopen(*args)


        return bsddb.hashopen(*args)
    except bsddb.error:
        print >> sys.stderr, args

It will still barf, but tell you exactly what file is being opened.  See if
it already exists.  If so, delete it and try again.  If not, let us know.


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