[Spambayes] OT: FYI: Microsoft virus email

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Fri Feb 28 00:41:58 EST 2003

[David LeBlanc]
> I don't think this is really from Microsoft!

No, it sure wasn't.  My copy rated Unsure, and it was extremely well done!

> ...
> With friendly greetings,
> Microsoft Internet Security Section

Real mail from MS never ends with friendly greetings <0.3 wink>.

> ...
> I didn't think anyone would like the attachment ;-)

Actually, I would -- stinkin' Outlook wouldn't let me get at the .exe
attachment, and I didn't care enough to crack it.  I have software that
captures disk writes at the physical block level and can undo them, so
sometimes I run a virus just to see what it does.  Maybe this one really did
package security updates <wink>.

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