[Spambayes] New Application of SpamBayesian tech?

Todd Cranston-Cuebas Todd_Cranston-Cuebas at citysearch.com
Fri Feb 28 16:19:13 EST 2003


I'm the person you quoted in your posting so I'm very intrigued by
SpamBayesian tech? Can you explain to me what this is in layman's terms?


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	Surfing Slashdot, ran accrossed the interview at


	which is about finding jobs.  I saw this part:
[The interviewee mentions they got 3000 resumes in a single weekend...]

[Interviewer] TheOpenEnterprise: How do you handle 3000 resumes? Do you
look at them all?

[Interviewee] Cranston-Cuebas: In a sense, we do. But we first scan them
quickly to filter out applicants without relevant skills. We create an
index of all incoming resumes and search on keywords. That's why it's
important for job-seekers to repeat the major skills multiple times in
their resume.  Another reason is that some recruiters use applicant
tracking programs that do automatic skills assessment based on keywords
found in the resume, and will rank resumes based on that assessment.

	Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?  It seems like the
SpamBayes algorithms are perfectly suited to this task... and would be far
more accurate than whatever simple "keyword" tracking the current apps

	For some reason, the application of "filtering in" with SpamBayes
(instead of "filtering out") never occurred to me before.  Given the large
number of people looking for jobs in the U.S., this seems like a good

	Anyone else find this interesting?

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