[Spambayes] Two amusing spam clues

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Jan 7 09:08:06 EST 2003

    Neil>   'message-id:@murphy.debian.org' 0.997094899935

    Neil> I guess a lot of spam doesn't have a message ID so the Debian mail
    Neil> server adds one.

Yeah, seems rather odd, doesn't it?  It's not like they are hard to
generated or anything.  For me message-id:@pobox.com and
message-id:@manatee.mojam.com are killer clues for the same reason.

    Neil> I don't about other people on this list but my spambayes filter is
    Neil> kicking spammer ass.  I very rarely see a FN and even more rarely
    Neil> see a FP.  Props to everyone who helped out with development.

Same here on all accounts.  I have fairly conservative cutoffs (0.25 and
0.8), so I get a handful of unsures per day.  I can't remember the last time
I got a false positive.  I haven't trained in awhile either.  The last time
I trained was before Christmas.

I have mods to pop3proxy to allow startup of antoher program before making
connections (this allows you to do things like tunnel pop3 over ssh), but
I've been too chicken to try it out, fearing I'd lose email.  I'll get to it
one of these days and then check in the changes.


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