[Spambayes] RE: Outlook client - addin.py revision 1.43 broke Outlook+MS Exchange

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Jan 10 11:35:55 EST 2003

> I just upgraded Spambayes to latest CVS, and it broke my 
> Outlook setup. I
> use Outlook plus MS Exchange, and with the current CVS 
> version (addin.py
> revision 1.43), when I select "Open other user's calendar" I get an
> immediate crash (GPF, trying to read from address 0) in 
> Outlook. I reverted
> just addin.py back to revision 1.42, and the crash no longer occurs.

I hope I just checked in a fix for this.  It seems to happen whenever you
select "Open in new window" for *any* Outlook item.

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