[Spambayes] re-org - making a package &c.

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Sat Jan 11 15:18:03 EST 2003

>>> "David LeBlanc" wrote
> Why split it up?

I'm not sure what 'it' means in this context - if you mean 'outlook plugin'
and 'pop3proxy/hammie', well, they're completely applications, and it's 
unlikely that it would be of use to everyone. On the other hand, it's 
possibly better to have 3 packages - the base "spambayes" one, the outlook
plugin, and the pop3proxy/hammie package. Not sure.

If you mean "why reorganise the files into directories - well, as it is
now, we install a large pile of packages with _very_ generic names into
site-packages. This is ungood.

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