[Spambayes] re-org - making a package &c.

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sun Jan 12 23:34:21 EST 2003

[David LeBlanc]
> I thought that the pop3proxy was needed for the outlook
> application, thus the "why split" question.

Nope - Outlook just needs the engine.

I don't see a need to make a release of the core engine - it is always
available from CVS, and anyone who wants just the engine and no applicaiton
is going to arrange for that without problem.

I fully support the directory splits, though.  I would also like to see a
"test" directory.

For various reasons, I don't think we are ready for a "binary" distribution
of this stuff yet - but making the first release "python source only" may
appeal in terms of limiting the set of initial users to a fairly literate
and sympathetic audience willing to offer valuable feedback.  Especially
valuable will be the initial training experiences given many people wont
have been collecting spam when they first install this.  Tim's experiments
implied that without at least a few spam to start with, you better be
sympathetic for a while!



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