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Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Mon Jan 13 07:49:15 EST 2003

This is really only a semantic problem, but I agree that it needs to 
be moved.  Unfortunately, duplicating it creates another problem.  I 
doubt that the old one will ever really go away if we do it that 
way.  Let's keep in mind that we're doing this for release, and just 
do it right the first time.

This is a special case of a general problem with Options.py.  
There's a ton of stuff that's only meaningful to the research phase 
of the project.  Also, and this is a big one, there are multiple 
places to specify database names.  To me this is a really big 
problem, particularly for OptionsConfig.py, which right now assumes 
that you're running the pop3proxy (an obviously invalid assumption).  
There should only be one place to specify a database, or if we think 
that people might be running more than one 'subsystem', we should 
have a place clearly for each one.  I propose we simply have a term 
'database-name' or something like that, which will be used 
regardless of whether your running pop3proxy or hammie or whatever 

- TimS

1/13/2003 12:55:23 AM, Anthony Baxter <anthony at interlink.com.au> 

>Before we do a proper release of this puppy, there's a few options-
>changes I'd like to suggest:
>First off, all the stuff that's currently under 'TestDriver' that 
>used by real people needs to be moved. I'm looking at
>ham_cutoff:  0.20
>spam_cutoff: 0.90
>in particular. Unfortunately, changing this will break everyone 
>currently got the system deployed. Rather than doing this, I 
>we add a new section 'Categorization', and add cutoff_ham and 
>options. We can then change the code to use the new options rather 
>the old - it means people with the old code will get their 
>ignored until they upgrade, but the alternative is to make it break
>for everyone.
>That way, the only options most people will want to frob are either 
>the 'Tokenizer' block, or the new 'Categorization' block. 
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