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Rob W.W. Hooft rob at hooft.net
Mon Jan 13 15:04:33 EST 2003

Anthony Baxter wrote:
>>>>"Anthony Baxter" wrote
>>Update of /cvsroot/spambayes/website
>>In directory sc8-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv17660
>>Modified Files:
>>	background.ht style.css 
>>Log Message:
>>updated background with some sample plots. If someone in the set of
>>(Tim, Gary, Rob) could review this and point out the obvious stupids,
>>that would be good. (Or anyone else who understands the math...)
> Could someone who understands the math of this stuff please read 
> over the 'background' page and point out the mistakes? 

I have one important correction to make: AFAIK I had nothing to do with 
the mathematical conception of the chi-squared combining method. I have 
been working on chi-squared normalization of the other combining methods 
at the time the chi squared method was proposed by Gary and implemented 
by Tim. My only contribution in that realm is the change from 
(S-H)/(S+H) to (S-H+1)/2 to get a better "unsure" classification for 
messages that do not look like ham nor like spam. I'll not be of much 
help for mathematical foundation of anything.

How about the word "definately"? I would spell it definitely.


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