[Spambayes] re-org - making a package &c.

Richie Hindle richie at entrian.com
Mon Jan 13 20:42:03 EST 2003

> If anyone wants to help, let me know...

If testing counts as helping... I've tested all the pieces I use, and
they're all fine on the reorg-branch.  This re-organisation is a very good

Two questions:

Should we also have a 'resources' directory, or similar?  I've nearly
finished splitting the HTML components out of pop3proxy.py and
OptionConfig.py and into an external (viewable, editable) HTML file.  At
the moment I have that living with the source code, and being found via
__file__.  Maybe things like the HTML (and images files and whatever else)
should have their own subdirectory.  It could be found by __file__ (or
sys.argv[0] for some future frozen version) by default, or become a
configuration option if there's ever a reason for that.

Second, is it sensible to check in major edits at the moment?  I guess
things like that should wait until the reorg-branch is merged back onto the
head?  What with files being moved, CVS isn't going to be much help with
the merge.  Of course, if it's a dead cert that the reorg-branch will be
merged back (and I can't see why we wouldn't do that) then edits could just
be committed to that.

> Here's what I propose for hammie & co:

That looks very sensible.  I'd also suggest we move pop3graph.py into
utilities - it's not important enough to live at the top level.

Richie Hindle
richie at entrian.com

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