[Spambayes] changing various Options settings.

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Jan 13 20:49:29 EST 2003

[Anthony Baxter]
> Before we do a proper release of this puppy, there's a few options-
> related changes I'd like to suggest:
> First off, all the stuff that's currently under 'TestDriver' that gets
> used by real people needs to be moved.


> I'm looking at
> ham_cutoff:  0.20
> spam_cutoff: 0.90
> in particular. Unfortunately, changing this will break everyone who's
> currently got the system deployed. Rather than doing this, I suggest
> we add a new section 'Categorization', and add cutoff_ham and cutoff_spam
> options. We can then change the code to use the new options rather than
> the old - it means people with the old code will get their preferences
> ignored until they upgrade, but the alternative is to make it break
> for everyone.

-1.  Just move it and post an announcement here.  Nothing will break until
somebody synchs up with CVS, and if they're pulling pre-alpha code out of
CVS, they better be reading this list.  Recovery is easy.

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