[Spambayes] Using Spambayes w/ Eudora

Rob B rbyrnes at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jan 14 12:56:18 EST 2003

At 12:35 14/01/2003, Tony Lownds sent this up the stick:
>As far as I can tell, Eudora can have multiple POP accounts with different 
>POP servers, but the port cannot be changed using normal means. Even 
>through extraordinary means (installing an "Esoteric Settings" plugin), 
>the port number is only changeable at a global level, not per-POP account.
>Since Spambayes listens on a different port for each proxied server, I am 
>limited to one spam-free account right now.
>Has anyone had luck using Eudora with multiple POP accounts going through 

Sure have

>(Using Eudora 5.2 on Mac OS X 10.2.3 w/python 2.2)

Dunno about Eudora on a Mac ... but on peecee if you open up the 
Personalities pane, you should be able to edit each account 
individually.  If you go through the Tools menu, then this is a global change.


(Eudora 5.1 on Win NT 4.0 <shudder> - python 2.2)

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