[Spambayes] re-org - making a package &c.

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Tue Jan 14 14:00:36 EST 2003

>>> Richie Hindle wrote
> If testing counts as helping... I've tested all the pieces I use, and
> they're all fine on the reorg-branch.  This re-organisation is a very good
> plan.

Well, I think I'm about done with it, so I'll be merging back into
the trunk shortly. You _will_ need to do a cvs up -dP to get the
new directories.

> Should we also have a 'resources' directory, or similar?  I've nearly
> finished splitting the HTML components out of pop3proxy.py and
> OptionConfig.py and into an external (viewable, editable) HTML file.  At
> the moment I have that living with the source code, and being found via
> __file__.  Maybe things like the HTML (and images files and whatever else)
> should have their own subdirectory.  It could be found by __file__ (or
> sys.argv[0] for some future frozen version) by default, or become a
> configuration option if there's ever a reason for that.

There's a few problems with that - the first, as you pointed out, is
finding the damn files. The second is getting distutils to do the
right thing with them. What we ended up doing with roundup was to
bundle all of the resources up into a separate python module, and
get it with 'import'.

> Second, is it sensible to check in major edits at the moment?  I guess
> things like that should wait until the reorg-branch is merged back onto the
> head?  What with files being moved, CVS isn't going to be much help with
> the merge.  Of course, if it's a dead cert that the reorg-branch will be
> merged back (and I can't see why we wouldn't do that) then edits could just
> be committed to that.

Wait til I merge the branch. Will be later this afternoon.

> That looks very sensible.  I'd also suggest we move pop3graph.py into
> utilities - it's not important enough to live at the top level.

Ok - I'll do that before the merge.

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