[Spambayes] Using Spambayes w/ Eudora

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Mon Jan 13 20:19:22 EST 2003

Anthony Baxter <anthony at interlink.com.au> writes:

>> Is there any reason that in principle pop3proxy can't multiplex the content
>> it receives from several different servers on a single output port?
> The problem is knowing, when it gets a connection from the mail client,
> which server the mail client wishes to talk to.

Wait, why can't you just log in with a username of

  username at hostname


Or username:hostname or username@@hostname or whatever.  The point is,
you'd send the name of the POP server you're trying to contact as part
of the username.  We used to do this to vhost pop accounts back at the
big dot-bomb ISP where I worked.  AFAIK, it worked great.


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