[Spambayes] Using Spambayes w/ Eudora

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Jan 14 09:21:09 EST 2003

    >>> Is there any reason that in principle pop3proxy can't multiplex the
    >>> content it receives from several different servers on a single
    >>> output port?
    >> The problem is knowing, when it gets a connection from the mail
    >> client, which server the mail client wishes to talk to.

    Tim> Correct.  This is the problem.  Nothing in the pop3 conversation
    Tim> gives any indication as to what server is on the other end of the
    Tim> line...

I'm still unclear what the problem is.  I use fetchmail to grab mail from
two POP servers at the moment.  Everything funnels into procmail which runs
hammie then distributes each message to one of several different accounts.
I don't care what the source of the message is.  What's the big deal?  A
source of mail is a source of mail.


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