[Spambayes] re-org - making a package &c.

Richie Hindle richie at entrian.com
Tue Jan 14 16:50:08 EST 2003

> Well, I think I'm about done with it, so I'll be merging back into
> the trunk shortly.

Great!  Well done on putting in the effort on this.

> Should we also have a 'resources' directory, or similar?

> There's a few problems with that - the first, as you pointed out, is
> finding the damn files. The second is getting distutils to do the
> right thing with them. What we ended up doing with roundup was to
> bundle all of the resources up into a separate python module, and
> get it with 'import'.

By coincidence (or is it?) Mike Fletcher has just announced his
ResourcePackage package, which does exactly this.  I'll look into using it
- it could be just what we need.

Richie Hindle
richie at entrian.com

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