[Spambayes] what else is needed for a first (source) release?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Jan 15 09:41:20 EST 2003

> I figure we make the first release a source only one - which isn't a
> biggie for most people, since it's in python. Should the release just
> have what's in the current setup.py (which doesn't include
> the Outlook2000
> directory), with a separate release for the O2K plugin+core? Or should
> it all be in one big bundle?

If we are going source-code only, then I would say just one bundle is fine.
We just point out the win32all versions people need, then they run
"outlook2000\addin.py", and everything works.

We need some better docs, which would include our intention to move to a
binary/bz2 distribution, and some good documentation on how to get started
with training etc.


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