[Spambayes] what else is needed for a first (source) release?

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Wed Jan 15 10:51:49 EST 2003

>>> Neale Pickett wrote
> Word.  Are you going to the spam conference too, Anthony?

I wish... nah, air fares cost too much, plus business situation is
such that work can't/won't pay for it (I don't even get to go to pycon :(

> I've been using hammiefilter and mboxtrain for over a month now with no
> complaints, so I think that little corner of the code is ready for a
> release.

Hm. I've been doing my training via hammie. I think we might want to
remove one or two of the myriad ways to train the system before release.


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