[Spambayes] Outlook plugin & bad folders

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Jan 16 18:37:39 EST 2003

> > Couldn't the FolderSelection dialog only load in the folders
> > it needs to display?  i.e. at first it loads in the root
> > folders, and then whenever OnTreeItemExpanding is called it
> > adds in the necessary children?  If this is
> > practical/possible then if no-one else wants to do it, I
> > could give it a go.  (Although I have all of two days of
> > Python knowledge).

> :) go for it!  pywin\tools\hierlist.py has an example of
> OnTreeItemExpanding.  Only complication will be that the current code
> expands the tree to show the currently selected folders - 
> this should be doable though.

It's done.  Well, it works on my system, anyway :)  Including the expanding the tree to show the selected items.  So what do I do with my code now?

> Still-wouldn't-mind-getting-that-MAPI-version-going ly,

I *think* that this should all still work (with a bit of tweaking) with the MAPI version, which would make things even faster :)  Still, this is fast enough for me - the dialog takes about 0.5->1s to appear, rather than the 30s (MAPI) or 60s (Outlook) that it did before.  Of course, anyone with a really large, really flat folder structure will still have to wait, but they should just be more organised :)

=Tony Meyer

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