[Spambayes] Outlook plugin & bad folders

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Jan 16 18:43:21 EST 2003

> > > The outlook version was added because the IDs that 
> > > MAPI returns aren't compatible with the outlook IDs 
> > > and you can't open a message on an exchange server 
> > > with a MAPI ID. 
> > Is this a definitive "can't", or a 'no-one has figured out 
> > how to yet' "can't"? 
> I think it's more like a "you should be able to, and the docs say so, but it just doesn't work. Ugh..." 

:) Does this mean that it's not worth bothering to try and fix it?

In any case, I did the mod that changes the list to only build on demand.  This is faster, although not what I would call fast.  (But then, my system isn't that fast, and I'm shackled up to a large public folder through work).

Would implementing the _BuildFolderTreeOutlook() function in C/C++ make a significant difference?  (I guess what I'm asking is whether it's just Outlook itself that is causing the delay).

=Tony Meyer

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