[Spambayes] spambayes fronting a mailing list?

Rob W. W. Hooft rob at hooft.net
Thu Jan 16 17:14:02 EST 2003

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>>>>>>"RWWH" == Rob W W Hooft <rob at hooft.net> writes:
>     RWWH> Doesn't it take time before the first spam arrives on a
>     RWWH> brand new mailinglist? Spambayes' results are going to be
>     RWWH> real lousy if it is trained on 200 ham and 0 spam
>     RWWH> messages....
> Why?  Because those spams will be marked as "unsure"? 

Isn't everything going to be marked as unsure as long as there 
is no spam at all? That would not be very useful! AFAICS, nothing 
can be marked "ham" until there is spam in the database.


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