[Spambayes] Corpus.Message.__getattr__ can't be correct can it?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Jan 17 14:10:34 EST 2003

    Just> Neither makes sense (unless I'm missing some magic context):
    Just> __getattr__ is only called if the attr isn't found the normal way,
    Just> which means it's for sure not in self.__dict__.

Well, I think Richie meant it should be:

    def __getattr__(self, attributeName):
        '''On-demand loading of the message text.'''

        if attributeName in ('hdrtxt', 'payload'):
            return self.__dict__[attributeName]
        except KeyError:
            raise AttributeError, attributeName

That is, __getattr__ is called when hdrtxt or payload are accessed but not
yet initialized.  All other accesses (or if self.load() fails somehow)
should raise AttributeError.  See Corpus.py 1.3.


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