[Spambayes] proxytrainer.py and proxytee.py are checked in

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Jan 17 14:58:30 EST 2003

    Richie> You should really make your message-naming code use the same
    Richie> system as everything else - the names are unix timestamps of

Wasn't aware I did anything differently than you.  Did you notice something?

    Richie> when each messages was received, and are used to paginate the
    Richie> training pages into one day per page (by day received rather
    Richie> than potentially-broken Date header).  If you want me to do that
    Richie> then let me know, but I have an ever-growing to-do list...

I think as important (or more important) than day-by-day display is
chunk-by-chunk display.  I get far too much mail to want to review it all at
once anyway.  If I can't take the time to train everything, I don't want to
be depressed about it. ;-)

    >> A bit further down the road, I will probably dump the asyncore stuff
    >> in favor of something based on SimpleHTTPServer just to reduce the
    >> number of lines of code.  Without the POP stuff going on there's no
    >> great need for the channel multiplexing.

    Richie> If I can persuade you to use pop3proxy (or its successor, a
    Richie> generic Spambayes server that can optionally host either or both
    Richie> of the web UI and the POP3 proxy), you won't need to pull out
    Richie> the async stuff.

That's fine.  My only worry is that the async code will never be as well
exercised as SimpleHTTPServer.


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