[Spambayes] Follow up

FrançoisGranger francois.granger at free.fr
Sat Jan 18 16:00:08 EST 2003

There is kind of a problem.
It may be specific to MacOS X, but I think that pop3proxy should 
filter on filenames since it may grab incorrect files.

MacOS X create in each directory a file named ".DS_Store" for it own 
uses. Since it is a hidden file, there is no issue with most 
software. But pop3proxy loads it as if it was a normal message file.

[fbg:/Volumes/OS99/spambayes-2003-01-17] fgranger% sudo python pop3proxy.py
Loading database... Loading state from 
/Volumes/OS99/spambayesf/hammie.db database
/Volumes/OS99/spambayesf/hammie.db is an existing database, with 99 
spam and 29 ham
placing .DS_Store in corpus cache                      <- this is a 
serious problem ;-)
BayesProxyListener listening on port 110.
Listener on port 110 is proxying pop.nerim.net:110
UserInterfaceListener listening on port 8880.
User interface url is http://localhost:8880

After clicking on the "Review message" link in the main page of 
pop3proxy, the terminal display the following lines.

adding 1042901588 to corpus
storing 1042901588
adding message 1042901588 to corpus
placing 1042901588 in corpus cache
adding 1042901588-2 to corpus
storing 1042901588-2
adding message 1042901588-2 to corpus
placing 1042901588-2 in corpus cache
error: uncaptured python exception, closing channel 
<__main__.UserInterface connected at 0x276450> 
(exceptions.ValueError:invalid literal for long(): .DS_Store 
[pop3proxy.py|found_terminator|811] [pop3proxy.py|onRequest|837] 
[pop3proxy.py|onReview|1143] [pop3proxy.py|buildReviewKeys|1020] 

Recently using MacOSX.......

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