[Spambayes] pushing back the cost of spam

Neil Schemenauer nas at python.ca
Sun Jan 19 16:35:05 EST 2003

I forgot to mention one advantage of this scheme.  It could be
implemented in modified form for an entire server of users (without
their help).  Only return a temporary error for something like 12 hours.
After that, allow the mail through.  That doesn't violate any standards
and all legitimate mail will get through.  I suspect a lot of spam would
be blocked (I'll try to run some tests).

Having a system that can be enabled server-wide is a big advantage.
Spambayes is great for technical people who don't want to see spam.
It's not really helping make spam unprofitable though, as Paul Graham
has mentioned in one of his articles.  We need to stop spam from
reaching those few idiots that actually act upon it.  I doubt those
people would install a spam filter themselves.  Either it has to be part
of the MUA or it needs to be installed by someone else.


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