[Spambayes] Re: [SAtalk] spampot -- spam honeypot server (fwd)

Matt Sergeant msergeant at startechgroup.co.uk
Tue Jan 21 10:46:31 EST 2003

On Monday, Jan 20, 2003, at 22:22 Europe/London, Justin Mason wrote:

> From:    "Neale Pickett" <neale at woozle.org>
> The first night I ran spampot on an IP with no DNS entry associated 
> with
> it, I got a probe after four hours.  After I'd fixed the probe relaying
> logic to relay that type of probe, it took all of ten hours for me to
> collect over 400MB of spam.

I had dinner with Neale where we discussed this. Interesting project 
(as is Jackpot, but err, Java. Ick). However the one downside of this 
was it was 400MB of the EXACT same email.


My guess is you'd need to put some sort of Razor-like signature 
checking in place (perhaps using Pyzor) to remove dupes.


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