[Spambayes] Promoting Spambayes (was Re: FYI: Java implementation)

Matt Sergeant msergeant at startechgroup.co.uk
Tue Jan 21 16:05:48 EST 2003

On Tuesday, Jan 21, 2003, at 15:11 Europe/London, Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> 2. A "spam shootout" wherein half a dozen Bayesian mail filters (e.g. 
> Popfile, Mozilla, other...?)  are tested against the same corpus, 
> using the cross-validation testing mechanism.
> 3a. Spambayes comes out on top, with a fraction of the error rate of 
> others: publish the results, get a Slashdot story, and slashdot the 
> project site.  :)
> 3b. Spambayes doesn't come out on top: find out why, fix the problem, 
> go to step 3a.  :)

Mozilla and SpamAssassin both copy their bayesian code from spambayes 
(including tokenisation ideas and combiners). If the results are 
different at all that's probably a bug somewhere.

It's nice to be proud of software, but when it's open source you kinda 
leave it wide open for us to nab your ideas ;-)


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