[Spambayes] degeneration

Adam Hupp hupp at upl.cs.wisc.edu
Tue Jan 21 15:27:41 EST 2003

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 12:10:26PM -0800, Neale Pickett wrote:
> He claims this helps a lot.  I'm currently in the midst of getting
> hammiefilter to integrate more cleanly with Gnus and Mutt, and merging
> mboxtrain and hammiebulk.  But this should be relatively easy to
> implement and test.  Any takers?

I'm curious what you're doing for the mutt integration.  I was playing
with spambayes a few months ago and worked up an (IMO) fairly useful
mutt integration.  It was a combination of procmail rules, mutt macros
and changes to hammiefilter that allowed marking and retraining on
Unsures, retraining on mistakes, automatic training, etc.  All this
was put on hold by a desire to graduate but now I'm excited to start
working on it again.


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