[Spambayes] Declaring victory

Sean True seant at webreply.com
Tue Jan 21 19:54:51 EST 2003

Tim wrote:
>It's appreciated!  That's more important than the specific algorithms used.
>Given a proper test framework, the data will eventually tell you what does
>and doesn't work; without proper statistical testing it's all guessing.  A
>problem is what to do when error rates get too low to measure reliably.  My
>previous life in speech recognition didn't prepare me for that one <wink>.

Geez, Tim, even I got prepared for that one at Dragon: when the error rate
gets low enough, you declare victory and move on. Before they throw you in
jail for fraud!

Say. You already did that.

Just-winking-this-one-time-ly yours,


Sean True
WebReply, Inc.

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