[Spambayes] degeneration

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Tue Jan 21 21:20:34 EST 2003

Adam Hupp <hupp at upl.cs.wisc.edu> writes:

> I'm curious what you're doing for the mutt integration.  I was playing
> with spambayes a few months ago and worked up an (IMO) fairly useful
> mutt integration.  It was a combination of procmail rules, mutt macros
> and changes to hammiefilter that allowed marking and retraining on
> Unsures, retraining on mistakes, automatic training, etc.

That, in a nutshell, is what I'm doing for mutt integration.  But I'm a
Gnus user; someone more familiar with mutt's innards would be a better
candidate to write up mutt integration instructions :)

I'm going to go ahead and check in my new hammiefilter.py with big
[EXPERIMENTAL] disclaimers by most of the options--I'm not sure they
actually do what they say they do yet.

But the basic idea is to run "hammiefilter.py -t" from procmail, so that
it trains on its decisions.  Then you can tweak it in your MUA by
hitting some magic key which will pipe it to "hammiefilter.py -s -f" for
spam incognito, and "hammiefilter.py -g -f" for false negatives.  The
"-t" step inserts a header telling how it trained itself.  The "-s" and
"-g" options, when they see that header, will untrain, then retrain.

So what we need is some sort of mutt magic (note: not "butt magic") to
pipe a message out to something, then remove it, all in one keystroke.
The pipe would look something like "hammiefilter.py -g -f | procmail".
Or is there a more mutty way to do it?

> All this was put on hold by a desire to graduate but now I'm excited
> to start working on it again.

Yes, the desire to graduate does get strong at times, but eventually it
always subsides.  I hope that for you it subsided because you actually
graduated ;)


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