[Spambayes] Promoting Spambayes (was Re: FYI: Java implementation)

Matt Sergeant msergeant at startechgroup.co.uk
Wed Jan 22 10:04:09 EST 2003

On Tuesday, Jan 21, 2003, at 16:28 Europe/London, Phillip J. Eby wrote:

>> It's nice to be proud of software, but when it's open source you 
>> kinda leave it wide open for us to nab your ideas ;-)
> That's the whole point of promoting Spambayes, really.  To get the 
> "good stuff" into the hands of more people.  I'd rather see lots of 
> programs using the more effective ideas, than have a bunch of 
> non-programmers try less effective tools and swear off of "learning" 
> spam filters because of it.

True, but I can also see the flip side of it - it's almost always 
better to have a number of different tools implementing different 
algorithms because then the spammers have to work a *lot* harder to get 
around them.


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