[Spambayes] Does spambayes train on its own headers?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 22 10:25:56 EST 2003

    Drew> Do I need to add those to safe_headers in $BAYESCUSTOMIZE, or does
    Drew> hammiefilter know not to look at hammie_header_name and
    Drew> hammie_debug_header_name when training?


I believe spambayes ignores its own headers.  Just the same, I strip them
using unheader.py.  Here's my training script:


    export BAYESCUSTOMIZE=$HOME/hammie.opt
    cd ~/tmp

    # touch the messages up a bit to avoid spurious "clues"
    unheader.py -p 'X-VM|X-Hammie|X-Spam' newham > newham.clean
    unheader.py -p 'X-VM|X-Hammie|X-Spam' newspam > newspam.clean

    # do the deed
    hammie.py -d -p ~/hammie.db -g newham.clean -s newspam.clean

    # save the files for later retraining
    echo "" >> newham.clean.save
    cat newham.clean >> newham.clean.save
    rm newham newham.clean

    echo "" >> newspam.clean.save
    cat newspam.clean >> newspam.clean.save
    rm newspam newspam.clean

I save ham and spam to ~/tmp/{newham,newspam}.


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