[Spambayes] Congratulations

Charles Cazabon python-spambayes at discworld.dyndns.org
Wed Jan 22 12:14:17 EST 2003

François Granger <francois.granger at free.fr> wrote:
> By the way, I think that the released version should ship with a minimal
> bayescustomize.ini file loaded for pop3proxy use with a fake server. People
> will have an easier time to replace this with their real server name.
> Something like:
> ========================================
> [pop3proxy]
> pop3proxy_persistent_storage_file = hammie.db
> pop3proxy_servers = pop.yourisp.com, pop.otherisp.com

If this idea is chosen, please use one of the domains reserved for this, like
"example.org".  "yourisp.com" and "otherisp.com" are available for people to
register, and if they were my domains, I wouldn't appreciate the extra

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