[Spambayes] Congratulations

Richie Hindle richie at entrian.com
Wed Jan 22 18:18:45 EST 2003

> It worked like a charm.

Great!  Another satisfied customer.  8-)

> By the way, I think that the released version should ship with a minimal
> bayescustomize.ini file loaded for pop3proxy use with a fake server. People
> will have an easier time to replace this with their real server name.

This is a good idea, but the obvious defaults are different for different
platforms, which makes things difficult.  On Windows, the proxy should run
on port 110 because non-root processes can do that, and it saves having to
reconfigure your email client to use a non-default port.  On Unix, using
port 110 means running as root, and possibly conflicting with an existing
POP3 server (which you're much more likely to find on unix than on
Windows), so it should default to something 1110 instead.  Awkward,
inconsistent, potentially confusing.  (I'm including MacOS X in with Unix
here - I assume that's correct?)

Have you looked at the web configuration page?  That attempts to explain
how to configure the POP3 proxy, and should be easier than modifying
bayescustomize.ini (though it doesn't talk about privileged ports).  We
should encourage POP3 proxy users to set up via that rather than via
hand-editing bayescustomize.ini.

Richie Hindle
richie at entrian.com

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